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Installation Matters.

• It Should NOT Be Rushed…
• Short Cuts Are Unacceptable…

Accurate Window and Door

If there is one thing I absolutely will NOT stand, it is sloppy window replacement in Portland and Vancouver OR. Some call it old fashioned, but I still believe products should be installed to last a lifetime and that the details really do matter.

What Great Installation Looks Like

Great Installation Is NEVER Rushed – We are experts and you will be pleased with just how efficient we are. But some companies seem to confuse rushing with efficiency when it comes to door and window replacement. We’re different. That’s why I never allow us to over-schedule jobs just to increase profits. I insist that all our jobs be given the amount of time it takes to do properly.

Great Installation Is Done Right The First Time – My standard is “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” If a problem develops or a mistake is made, we take care of it on the spot. No covering it up. No hoping you don’t notice. A problem or mistake is rare, but we resolve it immediately. The job is simply not done until it is done exactly right.

Great Installation Is A Pleasant Experience – Some home improvement companies use temporary labor and don’t have any standards for service for their installers. Our installers are not just expert craftsmen, they are also neat, polite, and ALWAYS respectful of you and your property. We are a family run company and you will know it from first contact all the way through to project completion.

Great Installation Should Always Meet YOUR Satisfaction – We’re accountable to our customers. The job is not done until you are satisfied. Period.

If you are ready to get started, give us a call and schedule a consultation – we’d be honored to talk with you about door or window replacement in Portland, Vancouver OR, or the nearby areas.

John Schwager, Owner