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Don’t Choose Us Because We’re The Cheapest…
(Because We Probably Aren’t).

Choose Us Because We Deliver The Best Long-Term Value.

Accurate Window and Door

In A ‘Replace-It-Soon’ World, We Install LIFETIME Products.

Let’s face it. Many of the things we buy now are expected to fail or be obsolete soon after we purchase them. TVs, cell phones, outdoor equipment – the list of things you are supposed to buy and then replace soon after seems to grow every year.

Sad to say, this attitude has infected the home improvement industry too. For example, many companies continue to offer cheap inferior-quality windows in Portland and Vancouver – despite the fact that they are proven to leak and wear out in as little as 5 years.

(And this is on top of the fact that many homebuilders use bare minimum quality windows and doors on new construction to save on costs).

At Accurate Windows & Doors of Portland and Vancouver OR, we REFUSE to install products that are terrible long-term values. When we install windows and doors, we expect it to be the last windows or doors you will ever buy on your current home.

The bottom line is we will not pretend to “save” you money by offering inferior products, all the while knowing you will pay more later when they need replaced again. Homeowners love the value we deliver – that is why we have been in business for 25+ YEARS.

Honest Needs Assessment

Another way we are different than typical companies: we don’t sell you replacement windows unless you need them. If a simple house window repair near Portland OR is all that is needed, we’ll tell you that and save you a lot of money. For more on our Honest Needs Assessment, please click here.


Lifetime products are terrific, but they also have to be installed exactly right. We are not satisfied with slapping windows in as quickly as possible and then rushing on to the next job. We believe in true, old-fashioned craftsmanship. For more on our installation standards, please click here.