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Stunningly Beautiful Wood Windows
For The Portland And Vancouver Area

Replacement Windows With FANTASTIC Curb Appeal

If you want a window of classic beauty and elegance, wood windows are an absolutely superb choice.

While it’s true that wood requires more maintenance than vinyl and fiberglass options, for many Portland and Vancouver homeowners the beauty of wood replacement windows far outweigh the need for some additional maintenance.

There really is nothing to match the look of wood replacement windows!

Marvin Window & Door: 100+ Years Creating Amazing Wood Windows

If you are going to invest in wood windows, make sure you get top quality. You can guarantee yourself superb results by choosing wood windows from Marvin Windows & Doors.

Marvin Windows & Doors has been manufacturing windows for more than a century. This company is completely proven to deliver quality on a consistent basis.

Benefits of Wood Windows from Marvin Window & Door:

Who Should Buy Wood Windows

Wood windows are a bit more expensive than other alternatives and do require some maintenance.

But for some homes, wood is the best match. Maybe your home has a historic look – or is historic. Maybe your home is of a style that wood is what will most enhance its appearance.

Or maybe you just love the classic, elegant look that wood windows lend to your home. Whatever your reasons, we are the experts at helping you get the exact right window for your home and tastes.

Marvin: A Company With An Amazing History

In 1904, Marvin was founded in a small town in Minnesota. 110+ years later, they are still in that same town in Minnesota and are still innovating. They also have a well-deserved reputation for integrity. They are family-owned and operated (just like Accurate Window and Door) and they stand by their people. Located in Minnesota, during the severe economic downturn they sacrificed profits and didn’t lay-off or fire any of their staff.

In other words, they stuck to their values even in tough times. No wonder Marvin has been around for more than a century – they back their products and their people!

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