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Evolution of Windows

Fiberglass Vinyl Wood Aluminum
Maintenance Very low maintenance required. Can be painted if desired, but doesn’t need it. Very Low Maintenance Required. All surfaces must be stained or painted to avoid immediate damage. High maintenance to keep the window looking and operating well. Low maintenance required.
Durability of Finish Fiberglass windows do not chalk or fade – these are lifetime windows. High-quality vinyl is extremely durable and makes for an excellent choice. One note of caution: Beware of low-quality vinyl windows - they warp and lose their seal. The finish on wood windows often gets ruined by the rotting, molding, or warping of the wood. Dark colors fade quickly
Beauty Mimics The Look of Beautiful Wood Windows, Tight Clean Corners. Vinyl windows have evolved to the point where there are very attractive options for homeowners. They have a rich, textured appearance. Again, just be cautious that you are getting a higher-quality vinyl window. There are some vinyl windows that look cheap and perform poorly. Traditional profiles that give a sense of craftsmanship. Ugly industrial look.
Durability of Frame Fiberglass Is 8 Times Stronger Than Vinyl, 3.5 times stronger than Fibrex, 3 times stronger than wood, and just as strong as carbon steel. This Means Frames Can Be More Narrow and Be Stronger. Less Frame, More Beautiful Glass, and a lifetime of excellent performance. Vinyl holds up very well over time. One of the reasons vinyl continues to be the most popular choice is that it is a durable material at a reasonable price. Be sure to avoid low-quality options as these can fail. Problems with warping, rotting, and molding makes the upkeep of a wood window difficult, and threatens the ability to operate the window correctly. Aluminum has a strong frame, but is susceptible to corroding.