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If You Want To Guarantee Yourself Great Results,
The Window Company You Select DOES Matter.

We’re Different From Typical Portland & Vancouver Window Companies.

Let’s face it. There are a TON of options in Portland and Vancouver for replacement windows. Choice is good, but you might wonder “what’s the difference?”

My company has been successfully installing windows and doors in Portland and Vancouver for 25+ years, and I can tell you there ARE differences, and they DO matter.

Difference #1: Are You Getting An Honest & Accurate Assessment Of Your Needs?

Most Portland and Vancouver window companies do the same thing if you call them. They’ll come out, take measurements, and give you a quote. The only thing that varies is the amount of time spent trying to “sell you.”

I have a different philosophy: I’m there to find out what you really need. Let me give you an example. Often times after talking to a homeowner, I find out that the windows operate well, and still look fine, it’s just that the glass is fogged or there are minor mechanical problems. So I’ll offer to replace the insulated glass only, at a significant savings over full replacement.

Is that the right solution for everyone? Of course not. But the point is most window companies in Portland and Vancouver won’t even do an assessment to find out.

Difference #2: Who’s Taking Responsibility?

Maybe it sounds old-fashioned, but I’m finding it harder to find businesses in any industry that are willing to be held 100% accountable for their results. My company is a family-run business with a hands-on owner, and we are responsible to you. You’ll NEVER hear “that’s just our policy” or “I’ll have to transfer you to another department.”

Difference #3: Being Selective About Products

I’ve taken a stand that every window I install MUST be a top-quality product from a proven company. Sometimes it means I can’t beat the up-front price of a company offering inferior windows. But I sleep better at night knowing I give all my customers the better long-term value.

The bottom line of these differences is this: if you select Accurate Window & Door Company, you WILL get great windows installed to precise standards. That’s my absolute promise, with a quarter century in business to back it up.

John Schwager, Owner