Foggy window & house window repair vancouver WA, portland OR
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Save Money.

Don’t Replace If You Only Need A Fogged-Glass Repair,
Or Want A Energy-Performance Upgrade.

Foggy Glass Replacement Portland | Glass Replacement Vancouver OR

We Do Glass Replacement For Vancouver OR, Portland OR And The Surrounding Areas.

We don’t want to sell you replacement windows if replacing the insulated glass is the right solution. Some window companies only want to do window replacement near Vancouver OR and Portland OR because that is more profitable.

At Accurate Window & Door, we focus on the right solution. If that is window replacement, we have the best solution. But if glass replacement with new high-tech UV-reducing glass will get the job done, we are not interested in selling you full-scale window replacement just to pad profits.

Foggy Glass Replacement Portland | Glass Replacement Vancouver OR

Common Problem: Foggy Windows

One of the most common problems with windows is foggy glass. Leaks eventually develop in the seal in between the panes of glass, and moisture gets trapped inside, causing a permanent “fog” on the window that can’t be cleaned.

We can assess your needs and let you know if foggy glass replacement near Portland OR is an option. We recommend Cardinal glass – this is the premium choice. Great glass is about strength and energy efficiency. This glass is super-strong and is tops in energy efficiency.

Upgrading For Energy Efficiency

If your biggest problem with your windows is energy efficiency, upgrading your glass will make a big difference in your home.

What To Do If You Can’t Decide Between Replacement Or Repair

Some homeowners aren’t sure whether to get window repair or window replacement near Vancouver and Portland. The easiest solution is to call us and ask for a free consultation. It really is risk-free, because we never apply sales pressure and always give you an honest needs assessment.

We’ll ask you questions about what you want out of your windows, provide cost differences between house window replacement vs. house window repair near Portland, and give you our best recommendation. Of course, once we give you all the information, we step back and let you decide.

In general, if your windows are not operating properly, they are inefficient, or if you’re not happy with the looks, then replacement may be an option. But if you are happy with the looks and operation of the windows, then maybe upgrading the glass, the most important component in the window, is the best option.

Our High Tech Glass

We use the best glass on the market, Cardinal glass.

Foggy Glass Replacement Portland | Glass Replacement Vancouver OR

Energy Efficiency: Our glass is coated with three layers of silver called Low E3. which blocks the cold and heat from coming through your window and into your house; helping to keep your cooling bills lower. With this Low E3 coating, it’s estimated you can save up to 30% in your heating and cooling costs.

UV Protection: Don’t leave your carpet, rugs, art, and other valuable items exposed to the risk of fading from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Low E3 blocks 95% of UV rays from coming into your home.

Foggy Glass Replacement Portland | Glass Replacement Vancouver OR

Reliability: Due to its ingenious design, our glass has a .2% seal failure rate after twenty years, compared to the industry-standard of 9% after twenty years. The 180% difference in failure rates comes from a patented stainless steel spacer that creates a thermal break between the two surfaces, and ensures a long-lasting seal.

Cardinal glass is so confident in its reliability that they’re the only glass manufacturer who offers a 20 year guarantee.

Free Consultation

The best way to find out if you near window glass replacement in Vancouver or Portland OR is to contact us. There will be no sales pressure – just a friendly consultation and a reliable, reasonable quote.