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Frequently Asked Questions About Windows

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What is a better material for windows – vinyl or fiberglass or wood?

Fiberglass windows are a superb option and in many cases we’ll recommend them as the top choice. But the answer will really depend on you and what you want to get out of your replacement windows.

Fiberglass is a stronger material - up to 8 times stronger. This means it can hold more glass with less frame – basically a strong window but with more viewing area. Fiberglass also expands and contracts much less in heat and cold, which keeps seals intact.

But high-quality vinyl windows are also a solid choice for Vancouver and Portland homeowners. Just like fiberglass, the vinyl windows we install are maintenance-free and energy-efficient. Vinyl windows usually have a lower up front price tag and that can be the right solution for some customers.

The main attraction of wood windows is how beautiful they are. Yes, wood does require more maintenance, but for some Portland and Vancouver homeowners only the beauty of wood windows will satisfy - nothing else will do!

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What replacement windows do you recommend?

For fiberglass windows, we recommend and install Integrity Windows by Marvin.

Integrity Windows have everything homeowners want in replacement windows: beauty, durability, energy efficiency, and a great warranty.

The quality of these windows is evident just by looking at them. They are tight and clean and have mechanically-bonded corners. The finish is also super thick – up to 3 times thicker than competitive finishes – no discoloring, denting, or scratching.

For vinyl windows, we recommend and install Ply-Gem Windows. The windows are produced right here in our region of the U.S. and the manufacturer has been producing superior windows for decades. These replacement windows are energy efficient, maintenance-free, and durable.

Wood windows from Marvin Windows & Doors are the best choice for homeowners who want amazing beauty. Marvin Windows & Doors has been manufacturing beautiful wood windows for over 100 years and their craftsmanship and quality standards are superb.

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Why call Accurate Window and Door instead of other Portland or Vancouver replacement window and door companies?

For one thing, we’re a very experienced and proven company. In an industry that sees most companies go out of business in 5 years or less, we have been around for more than a quarter century.

Another important difference is we take the time to do a true needs assessment. Most window and door companies come to your home, take a few measurements and then go straight to selling you on their quote. We listen to you and carefully assess your needs before making a customized recommendation.

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Will installing my windows take a lot of time?

Most window installations take less than a day. After doing this for decades we’re efficient. However, we never rush through a job just to get to the next one. We have a total commitment to taking the necessary time to get it right – every time.

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Do you do window repairs and glass replacement?

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to explore this option. It is not always the right choice to replace your windows – sometimes a repair or glass replacement near Vancouver or Portland OR is a great option that saves you lots of money.

One common thing we do is replace “foggy” glass. One of the best reasons to replace your windows is to save money on energy bills. Especially over the last 10 years, there have been technological advances that make today’s windows far better than windows of the past.

We also would never install cheap windows that are wasteful because that would only cost our customers more money over time.

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Do your windows and doors come with a warranty?

Yes. We only install windows and doors from established manufacturers. Both Marvin and Ply-Gem have proven over decades that they are the kind of companies that always stands behind their products. All warranties are in writing.

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Is financing available?

Yes, many homeowners like the idea of spreading out the cost of their investment over time. We are happy to assist you with a very easy application and approval process.

For more information on payment plans for window and door replacement near Vancouver or Portland OR, please click here to visit our Financing page.

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