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Frequently Asked Questions
About Accurate Window & Door

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Will you have the lowest price?

Probably not. We don’t try to be the cheapest up front price, we instead focus on being the best long-term value. Quite frankly, there are always contractors near Vancouver and Portland OR willing to install inferior products that won’t last as long. In many cases, these products start costing you money right away because of lower energy efficiency.

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How do you select the products you offer?

You can learn more about our specific product recommendations by visiting the product pages, but in general we look for products that have proven track records, real warranties, and are from ethical companies.

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What does “low-pressure sales approach” mean?

One of the top things people dislike about Oregon home improvement companies are high-pressure sales. Instead of getting a consultation and a quote, you get a high-pressure sales presentation and that makes homeowners feel uncomfortable if they don’t sign a contract.

We don’t like these techniques any more than you do – and we won’t use them. We talk to you about what you want, give you an education on our products and a reasonable quote. Then you decide.

No pricing games. No “we are going to stay here until you sign a contract or throw us out.” And no pushing you towards something you can’t afford and don’t want.

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Do you accept all major credit cards?


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Can I finance my project?

Yes. We make payment plans easy to apply for and in most cases we can get you very fast approval. You can discover more by visiting our Financing page.

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How long have you been in business?

We’ve been installing doors and windows near Portland OR and Vancouver OR for more than 2 decades now. We have been in continuous operation since opening in 1991 – we just keep doing the highest-quality work, and we get lots of good word-of-mouth. We’re a family run business with multiple generations involved and plan on being in business well into the future.

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