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Window glass

Prepping Your House for Window Replacement

Posted on October 30, 2015.

Replacing the windows of your house is well worth the investment of time and money; not only do you get better-looking, better-working windows, but they soon pay for themselves in the savings of heating costs.Follow these tips to prepare before the professionals arrive, to make your window replacement in Scappose a quick, painless process.

Window replacement is usually surprisingly fast. An experienced professional can often replace your windows in only a day, though depending on the size of your house and the number and location of the windows, it may take more time to ensure they are all properly installed. If you prepare beforehand, you can save time on the day itself.

Before the contractors arrive, you should clear the areas around your windows to make them easy to access.Move furniture back, and remove any decorations from the old windows.If you keep plants or knickknacks on the windowsills, it's better to relocate them to safe places beforehand, so you don't have to move them in a hurry and risk breaking them on the day of your window replacement in Scappose.Additionally, if you have any second story windows, the installers will probably reach them by ladder outside, so ensure that your yard below the windows is clear of lawn furniture and ornaments.If you don't have many places to move furniture in your house, consider renting a temporary storage locker.

Window treatments such as blinds and curtains must be taken down before the installation can begin.Hardware like curtain rod brackets usually can stay in place, but check with your contractor.It's also possible your walls may be bumped when the windows are getting installed, so taking down framed pictures and other delicate wall hangings near the windows is recommended.

The more care you take beforehand to ready your house, the faster your window replacement in Scappose will be completed, and you can enjoy your new windows and the savings they bring.