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Window glass

Don't Get Rid of That Window - Just the Glass

Posted on October 24, 2015.

Homeowners are often recommended to replace their windows, both to make them more energy efficient, and to fix problems such as foggy glass. However, in some cases it's not necessary to replace the entire windows.Glass replacement in Vancouver OR may be a more effective solution for your house. Rather than replacing the entire window with its frame, replacing only the glass can save on costs while offering many of the same benefits.

Foggy windows, which appear to be covered in a permanent mist that can't be wiped away, is a common issue in many houses.The problem occurs when moisture leaks through the seals between the sheets of glass of double-paned windows.Since the fog is between the panes, it can't be cleaned.Replacing foggy window panes with higher-quality glass with a better seal will ensure that the fog doesn't come back.

Glass replacement in Vancouver OR can also make your windows more energy efficient by providing better insulation.Even if you have excellent window frames, heat can still escape through the glass.Exchanging older, less efficient window panes for modern, better insulated glass can save you a bundle on heating costs. The best glass also offers UV protection, stopping sunlight from fading your furnishings.

If your windows are quite oldor don't work properly anymore, such as failing to smoothly open and close, or if you don't like how they look on your house, then it's better to replace the whole windows.However, if your windowslooks great and work well, and the frames aren't warped or damaged, replacing the glass may be all that's needed.To make the right decision, consult a window repair professional to get estimates for your particular house and situation.

Sometimes replacing window is necessary. If you're mostly satisfied with your current windows, however, and simply want to improve and upgrade them, glass replacement in Vancouver OR is a cost-effective alternative.