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New Window Options for Your Home

Posted on July 10, 2016.

When it comes time to purchase new home windows in Vancouver, WA, it may be time to branch out a bit. While single hung and double hung windows are the traditional option for most modern homes, there are many other styles of windows available on the market that might be just what your home needs in order to look its absolute best. Taking time to explore your options is always important when it comes to making a space you can be happy with for years to come. Spend a moment perusing some information on a few of the more popular alternative Portland windows available to you:

Glider windows work much like sliding glass doors. Also like their door counterparts, they are designed for easy access and to make rooms appear lighter and larger by creating a more seamless bounder with the exterior of your home and allowing in more natural light than many of the other options.

Casement windows are another popular option for homeowners who wish to add a little classic, timeless charm to their home. These widows rest on hinges, meaning that instead of sliding up or down they swing outward. This helps you to make the most of your natural light and creates an effect with your homes decor that is simply unbeatable. Similar to these windows are awning windows, which also use hinges to swing outwards, though they move from the bottom rather than the sides.

Set windows are ideal for spaces such as bathrooms that might require a little extra light but more than likely will not need an open window. These windows do not open, and generally only serve as decoration in most settings.

By exploring these options and the other available, you can make sure your home looks its best in the years to come. Speaking with a professional about new home windows in Vancouver, WA can help you compare and contrast styles and how they fit with your individual needs.