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Efficient Window

Fiberglass Windows Are the Greener Choice

Posted on November 20, 2015.

Many homeowners want to make the greener choices when it comes to their homes, both for the sake of the environment as well as their budgets. Here are some ways that fiberglass windows measure up as the better choice.

Energy Efficiency

Due to their low thermal expansion and insulation capabilities, fiberglass windows are extremely energy efficient. They beat out vinyl in this category, as vinyl will expand and contract with temperatures, causing leaks. This means that you are reducing your energy consumption by choosing fiberglass, a benefit to your pocketbook as well as the environment.

Sustainable Production

Fiberglass is made primarily from glass, which, in turn, is made from sand. As sand is a natural resource that is highly abundant, this makes fiberglass a sustainable resource. They also require less energy for their production than vinyl and there is no emitting of toxic gases during production.

Long Lasting

Fiberglass windows can last for decades, a fact that also makes them a green option as it reduces the need for replacement as well as amount of waste. This is of particular concern as windows often do not get recycled.


Fiberglass, like wood and PVC vinyl, is technically able to be recycled. However, fiberglass is able to be recycled more safely than vinyl.

Landfill Concerns

As mentioned, although both vinyl and fiberglass can be recycled, the sad truth is, this will not happen in most cases. It takes decades for both to decompose, but unlike fiberglass, vinyl will release toxins into the environment, especially if it is incinerated.

Its clear that when it comes to making the environmentally friendly and green choice, fiberglass windows in Vancouver, Oregon are the better choice. They have less of an impact on the environment in production and allow you to have a lower impact when it comes to your energy consumption as well.