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3 Benefits of Sliding Windows You Might Not Know

Posted on June 20, 2017.

As you probably know, there are many, many different window styles to choose from when it comes to updating your existing installments. However, when it comes to doing what best for your home, sliding windows in Portland, OR, might just be the perfect move to make. While each window style certainly has its ups and downs, these particular windows might have the most advantages of all, some of the most impressive of which include:

1. Easy Opening

As you age, opening windows is a simple chore that is bound to get harder. When you are using a typical single-hung window, lifting the sash and pulling it down can become a daunting task, and may be difficult on shoulders and other upper joint. Sliding windows in Portland, OR, offer a smoother experience, with windows that slide from side to side, a motion that is generally easier overall.

2. Easy Maintenance

One major drawback of your average single-hung window is that cleaning the outside can be difficult, and sometimes even dangerous if you live in a home with multiple floors. When you choose sliding models for your Portland window replacement, you can ensure cleaning, painting and other forms of maintenance are manageable, and easier than ever before.

3. Unique Appearance

Another thing that sliding windows do for your home is provide it with a unique, charming appearance like no other. Typically, these windows are designed to lie more horizontally in the wall, rather than vertically. This creates an interesting effect that, while certainly different by most home design standards, matches well with practically any decor design. Variations in this design can help you achieve several design wishes, such as:

A. Letting in more light

B. Creating an interesting way to draw the eye to interior decoration

C. Providing your space with a unique twist

Sliding windows in Portland, OR, are simply some of the best replacement windows out there. With these benefits on their side (along with many more to discover) they should be the obvious choice for your next replacement project.