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Why I'm Not Much

Of A Window Salesman

I Always Choose Honesty Over Profits - If I go into your home and discover that a few simple repairs are a better option than window replacement, guess what I recommend? I refuse to tell homeowners windows need replaced if it is not true. It costs me profits sometimes, but trust and integrity always pay better in the end.

I Hate High-Pressure Sales Tactics – Even if I wanted to be some kind of superstar salesman, I don’t think it would work. I just hate badgering, pushing, and making people feel uncomfortable. I don’t like when salesman use these tactics on me – and I won’t use them on you.

My Products Sell Themselves – I’ve done my homework on all the products we offer. That’s why I can say confidently that I carry the ‘Best of the Best.’ So I don’t need to “sell” – I just educate homeowners on what makes our product choices superior.

Truth & Clarity—Always

Vinyl Windows Eventually Leak—

Vinyl Windows Chalk & Fade—

Vinyl Windows Have ‘That Plastic Look’—

Vinyl Windows Typically Have Limited

Sometimes people ask me, “Most companies recommend vinyl windows – why don’t you?”

The answer I give is not just about how I run my business – it’s about my deepest beliefs. I simply hate to see cheap windows in Oregon installed sloppily with a “you-can-replace-it-in- a-few-years” attitude.

We used to expect things to last decades, and now we plan for almost everything to be obsolete in just a few years. I still believe in quality that lasts, not cheap that lets you down.

This is exactly why I do not recommend vinyl windows for Portland and Vancouver-area homeowners: because vinyl has proven itself to be a TEMPORARY solution. Even when they come with 25- or 50-year warranties, the fact is that vinyl windows in Oregon begin showing signs of trouble in as little as 5 years.

Here is why vinyl fails: it expands and contracts eight times more than glass when temperatures fluctuate. This means that lots of sealant and weatherstripping needs to be used to cushion all that expansion and contraction of the frame. Over time, this creates leaks.

If you have windows in Oregon that have stopped operating properly, or have moisture trapped between panes leaving a “permanent fog” on your windows, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

That’s why we ONLY carry fiberglass windows, and we only carry the premier brand of fiberglass windows—Infinity by Marvin. We sell windows that last a lifetime.

The difference is a material called Ultrex; it’s a fiberglass material that’s 8 times stronger than vinyl, but also mimics the look of wood but needs no maintenance.

Best of all, it is very stable in any temperature – Ultrex fiberglass is known for its very low thermal expansion. The leaking and warping that is common with vinyl simply will not happen with this material.

There are plenty of other benefits to Infinity By Marvin windows. Check out our Window Comparison page for more detail about fiberglass vs. vinyl windows for Portland OR and Vancouver OR.

Family-Run Company – Built To Last

It isn’t just windows that I think should be built to last – it’s also how I have built my company. My company has been in business for 25+ years and the next generation is now involved, too. I am passing on my skills, experience, and my values so that this company continues on as a family business we can always be proud of.

This is also why I install Marvin fiberglass windows for Vancouver, Portland and the surrounding areas. Marvin is a manufacturer that is family run and has been around 100 years. All their products are built rock-solid. And their values match my own. When the economic downturn happened in 2008, they were one of the very few companies in the industry to not lay off employees. They stuck by their people, even if it ate into profits. That is my kind of company.

If we sound like your kind of company, give us a call, we’d be honored to give you a free, no-pressure consultation and quote.


John Schwager,

Window and Door Company